From the album XX Years of Sin

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 I fear some day they’ll drop the bomb
And our polluted planet will soon be gone
Do we not care do we not choose
This is our world we’re all prepared to lose
We erase the sky
Verse I
I live along the shores of this tiny town’s life’s blood
Some call it the crooked river some call it the river of mud
Well this place is my home, a place I’ve always known
And I call my own, a place I would never loan
Verse II
When they send the bombs from over there they could destroy my hometown
Or maybe some trigger happy psycho on your staff has a nervous breakdown
Then who would be left to pay the debt
Or to regret People... place your bets.
Verse III
Send the smoke up into the air So that I may breath the disease
Inhale the smoke, your final stone Sit back... and release
When that day arrives, hold your glass up high
Watch humankind as we, erase the sky...yeah!

Written & composed by Ronnie LeBlanc 1990 - 2016 © All Rights Reserved