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  1. Yours truly

From the album XX Years of Sin


 Verse I
This is my song, this was my life
A broken down dreamer who lost his sights
Always afraid to leave home
Afraid to be denied
Or afraid of being disowned
Verse II
Will they welcome me in or throw me away
Can I handle the denial that I feel today?
Why was this gift locked in me?
And what holds me back from my destiny
Some people believe that we have sinned
By creating something of an artistic design
To those who believe and to those who’ve listened
To those who’ve cared and to those who’ve followed and loved and believed
My deepest and sincere gratitude... thank you!
Verse III
Today I leave to the neon light
Although I shed a tear I will be all right
Remember us as we have been
We will survive yours truly An Acoustic Sin...

Written & composed by Ronnie LeBlanc 1990 - 2016 © All Rights Reserved