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  1. The day

From the album XX Years of Sin

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 Verse I
I can see you haven’t got the time, Maybe we can talk later babe
Or maybe leave it behind
Cause I’m kinda gettin used to that baby, I’m learning to keep my mouth shut now, yeah!
I’m maybe gonna keep it all inside of me, Until the day it all comes out
...And you will not be there when it all comes out no!
Verse II
I recall there was a time when you needed me, Well I did the best that I could
And I was there I do believe, But when I needed you, you took off there babe
You left me alone and pissed off somehow, yeah!, You think I'm gonna wait around forever
But you’ll be alone when I’m gone, And we will see how long you hang on
How long will you hang on, yeah!, How long will you hang on, how long will I...
Verse III
The day in time will come, And I foresee the day my friends dress in black
And you may mourn for me on that day, It’s a sin you never looked back
I could have been there, I could have loved you babe, But you were far too pressed for your time alone, yeah!
We could have had something together, I was there by the phone
And I destroyed that phone
... the day

Written & composed by Ronnie LeBlanc 1990 - 2016 © All Rights Reserved