From the album XX Years of Sin

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It sits there, in its cylinder steel chasm. Waiting, for its journey into its birth of two.
This dragon's heart is cold, mind you. And its fire is made from man.
 The tale begins...
 Verse I
It is nuclear and it is at war with man, When it breaths it’s fire, not a soul will stand
It’s unforgiving, gives no chance to the living, It is our son
Can’t stop the willing, Cant stop the killing
What is done is done
Verse II
Its stands at least fifty some feet high, its immenseness terrifies the mighty, the bold and the sly
It’s just like us, but it will end us
Please hear me cry, don’t take it for granted
No! Please not my planet; don’t take away the one real thing in my life...Dragon!
 Verse III
Man’s first mistake was when he sought power over peace
Our second mistake was to invent weed out the weak
Money for power, one final hour, the time of reckoning,
Our still souls will shake, in our final mistake, World war three...
Then we must taste the dragon’s ale eternally
A wise man once said
Dragon seeks its path, and then dragon whips its tail
 Written & composed by Ronnie LeBlanc 1990 - 2016 © All Rights Reserved