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  1. Shot down

From the album XX Years of Sin

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 This is unholy, A sin far to large to be forgiven
The chances of redemption you ask, Well I answer you this...
 Verse I
A young boy, one young girl and a preacher
One tourist, three school kids and a teacher
All of them wanted life
While you were aiming
Did you see that? The innocent ...you!
Shot down
 Verse II
One toppled carriage a mourning mother one stray bullet
One closed eye an aiming eye an empty pulpit
While you were waiting, along came your victim
When you fired that bullet, did your gun smoke of truth?
 Verse III
Unpracticed unstable yet so willing
An itchy finger was it a reflex or just fulfilling
The juries waiting and they want you, yes they see you.
From an empty chamber to the gas chamber, your through!

Written & composed by Ronnie LeBlanc 1990 - 2016 © All Rights Reserved