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  1. On home

From the album XX Years of Sin

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 Verse I
Got me three aces and I’m feeling fine
saved by the right graces, just in the nick of time
Where I don’t belong
I bring it on strong
And then I bring it on home
Verse II
My world’s shattered and torn, my heart’s in two
I’m feeling cold just like some kind of flu
But it’s bringn’ it bringn’ it on
Bringn’ it on strong
Verse III
Now I’m watching my ways haven’t been pulling my hair
I ain’t got no worries man I ain’t got a care
Cause I’m right about...
Right about...right about
What I’ve been right about all along.
Cause where I don’t belong I bring it on strong
Then bring it on home

Written & composed by Ronnie LeBlanc 1990 - 2016 © All Rights Reserved